Top reasons to change repair shop management software

Be ready for FREE TIME and more profit.

Since 2001, GEM-CAR has become a North American leader in shop management software with thousands of shops in Canada and the USA.

10 GREAT REASONS to switch to GEM-CAR

1. Coaching

Thanks to training and coaching session, not only do you get to learn at your individual pace and priorities, but you will use over 85% of all the functions offered by GEM-CAR.

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2. Passion

Our team’s passion & dedication to our customers and product was rewarded by being nominated by Profit 100 magazine as a finalist to the magazine’s annual Top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada.

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3. Profit

Customers using 85% or more of GEM-CAR’s functionality have been proven to increase an average of $1,000 in profit per work bay/month.

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GEM-CAR is not just a billing software for garages:

- It's an easy to master Auto Repair Shop Management System (SMS) and the most complete solution.

- We are the first software company to offer, under one roof: SMS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and digital inspection.

- When choosing to implement GEM-CAR software in their business, shop owners are actually crossing an important threshold in their commitment towards their customers, their staff and their business.

- Our unique approach and software solution helps our customers save time, increase sales and streamline their operations.

- GEM-CAR is mainly used in an automobile shop, truck center, boat shop, bike repair shop, tire store, and transmission repair center.

Discover GEM-CAR by modules


GEM-FIX: Your integrated mechanical information software

Logiciels d'information mécanique sur GEM-CAR
Calendrier de rendez-vous pour ateliers et centre automobile


GEM-CALENDAR: A powerful shop calendar


sms logiciel garage

GEM-TEXT: Reminders to consumers with text messages MMS/SMS


GEM-WORK: Integrated mechanicals Inspections

GEM-GLASS - mensualité

GEM-GLASS: Windshield shop management

GEM-TIRE : essai gratuit

GEM-TIRE: Increase profit with tires 


GEM-FLEET : Truck your vehicles fleet management


GEM-UNIVERSITY: Training on the shop management software


GEM-MOBILE: Gem car app and videos

GEM-CLOUD: Hosting and backup services

Pad de signature électronique - mensualité

GEM-PAD: easy and legal electronic signature


Yes, you can keep your existing accounting software

We are pushing data via GEM-CONNECT to:
QuickBooks, Acomba, Simply Accounting, SAGE 50

Napa Autopro award winner talks about GEM-CAR

GEM-CAR is an easy to master Auto Repair Shop Management System (SMS), a software designed for the automotive, fleet, boat, bike, truck & tire industry. When choosing to implement GEM-CAR software in your business, you actually cross an important threshold in your commitment towards your customers, your staff and your business.

GEM-CAR testimonials about our shop management software

GEM-MECHANIC - free Virtual Agent build in GEM-CAR

GEM-CAR is the first Shop Management Software to offer you free videos: GEM-MECHANIC series. They were designed to facilitate a sale at the counter by showing your customer a short video that will explain the maintenance/repair to be performed on the car.