Recommended reports to run from your GEM-CAR - Daily

  • End of Day Reports
  • Summary Sales Report by Category  
  • Payments by Method Report 
  • Sales and Receipts Summary

Monthly Reports

  •  Summary of Accounting Transactions report   (MOST IMPORTANT REPORT : track GL error and provides the GL entry for your accounting software )
  •  Reprint End of Day Reports
  •  Summary Sales Report by Category
  •  Payments by Method Report
  •  Sales and Receipts Summary
  •  Summary List of Distributions
  •  Deposit Journal
  •  List of Invoices and Distributions (Supplier)
  •  Summary of Distributions
  •  Aged Accounts Receivable Report
  •  Accounts Receivable Statement
  •  Accounts Payable Aging
  •  Cheques and Payment Log (Supplier)
  •  Sales Report
  •  Performance Reports

Summary Sales Report by Category sub-total should be equal to the Summary of Accounting Transactions, Sale transactions total, less tax, rebates and discounts on sales. 

See attached reports:

Summary Sales Report by Category sub-total is $1,618.15,

Summary of Accounting Transactions is $1,858.01, less tax of $210.36, less rebates of $25.00 and less discounts of $4.50 for revised total of $1,618.15.



Payment by Method Report – compare to statement from Debit Machine provider.

Summary List of Distributions by Client and by Supplier – to determine tax adjustments for month, tax to pay and tax to receive, ie  $210.36 less $125.12 = $85.24 to be remitted.

Use the Summary of Accounting Transactions Report for your monthly journal entry into accounting software

 This FAQ was based on Laura Rastelli work, one of GEM-CAR coach and trainer.