• From the Main Menu, click on Configuration,
  • From the Configuration Sub-Menu, click on General Information,
  • From the General Date page, Enter the step number in the Special Step field,
  • (To look for the specific the Proposed and Submitted Step number, click on the search icon and double click on the appropriate step)
  • SAVE and EXIT,

Back on the POS (Point of Sales) window, open an estimate and enter a job you would like to propose or recommend to your customer (ex: change inner tie-rods), but the customer has chosen to not go ahead, or agrees to do another day or wants a reminder.
  • Select the job and, with the mouse cursor on the blue job line, click the Right Hand mouse button,
  • You will be given five automatic choices:

Proposed and Submitted: Will indicate on the estimate that you have proposed this work ad the customer has declined.

Create a New Estimate: Will create a whole new estimate, with all the associated parts, and will put this estimate in the Proposed and Submitted file.

You can then access it and determine with the customer what the best day and time will be.

One, two or three month reminders: Will indicate the Recommended job or work on the current invoice and create a reminder letter at the chosen time frame.

To locate the new estimate or job, go to Order No. Search icon (top right on the POS window),

  • Use the scroll down menu and select Proposed Estimates,
  • Double click on the order you want,
  • The estimate will open.
  • Simply treat the order as any other (IE: Click on the Job line, select the date, time etc.).