From the Main Menu, go to [Configuration] > [Security]:

  • Click on the spy glass (top-right) to open the «Maintenance of Users»,

  • Click on the spy glass (bottom-right) near the «Advisor : » to open the «Advisor Maintenance» window,

  • Here is the list of your possible vendors in GEM-CAR. If someone is not in this list, you will not be able to set it as a vendor.
  • To modify an existing advisor, select it, make the changes and click the disk to save.

To add another advisor to the list:
  • (1) Click the plus «+» sign,
  • (2) Enter a Number, Name, Telephone,
  • (3) Click the disk to save,
  • (4) Click the door to exit.

Open a customer's file, from the [Customer Management] or the Point of Sale:

  • Go to the tab «Additional Information»,
  • At the bottom-left, go to «Vendor No, :»,
  • Click on the arrow to select a vendor from the list for this customer,
  • Enter a «Commission %»,
  • Click the spy glass to save.
Note: When setting a vendor for a customer, the commission will be also applied to past invoices.

From the Main Menu, go to [Reports] > [Sales]:

  • Select an Advisor,
  • Enter a period (Date from / Date to),
  • Enter a «Commision %»,
  • Choose «With taxes» or «Without taxes»,
  • Click the printer to display it on the screen,



Note: You can click the small printer (top-right) to print it.