Configuration of tax classes:
  • Configuration of tax classes:
  • Go to the “Configuration” / “Company Management” menu
  • Click on the tax tab

To apply a starting date to a rate change, you must not use the plus sign ( + ) to adjust the 2012 tax. Using the plus sign ( + ) will add a tax group.
Click on the line under the current tax, enter the required information and save.   
Select a tax class: E.g.: STD

  •  Select a tax class: E.g.: STD
  • Go to "Tax GrouP Management" by clicking on the second empty field "Tax"
  • Click on the "+" sign to add new tax
  • You can modify existing tax in an existing tax class: E.g.: change the QST to 9.50% starting on January 1, 2012
  • When you are done with all changes click on cumulative in the QST box
  • Save
  • Close and restart GEM-CAR.

Tax configuration per client:

  • Go to POS
  • Click on the spy glass next to the field "Customer" in order to access client’s file
  • Choose a customer
  • Choose the tab "Additional Information"
  • Click on the tax button
  • Double click in the tax class list
  • Save