Although most schedules are somewhat similar with only slight differences, their frequencies do vary from one model to another.  In order to save you time, GEM-CAR allows you to create a list of  Basic or personalized Maintenance Schedules as well as specific  OEM recommended preventive maintenances schedules based on Make, Model and Year.  

To create Basic Preventative Maintenance
  • Go to "Vehicle Management" / "Basic preventative maintenance"
  • Click on the Green ADD icon (+),
  • Enter a job code or click the Search icon to access the Job List and double click a job,
  • Press your TAB button to move to the next steps and enter the information as desired,
  • Make sure to Check the Active box in order to make each Maintenance automatic,
  • Save

Activate Basic and OEM Preventative Maintenance Reminders
  • Go to POS
  • Choose a customer with vehicle
  • Go to "Vehicle file"
  • Go to "OEM's Preventative maintenance" tab
  • For basic prevenative maitnenance click on the button "Add Basic Maintenance"
  • For "OEM's Preventative Maintenance" click on the spy glass and choose your maintenance job
  • You can ADD, DELETE or MODIFY any one of the procedures by selecting the procedure and clicking the ADD (+ sign) or DELETE(- sign) button
  • Save when you are done

NOTE: Do not forget to activate your "OEM's Preventative Maintenance" by checking the "Active" check mark.