How to create your LOGO

Open PAINT software

-          All Program  / Accessories / Paint

-          Change the size              

o   Option A: Image /  Attribute

o   OR

o   Resize image

-          Select Pixel

-          Width : 195 , Height 95

-          Save your logo

o   Save as : Bitmap 24

o   C:\vdata\Logo


How to include your logo in your invoice

  • Go to the menu “Configuration” / “Local Configuration”.
  • Select an invoice template by clicking on the magnifying glass.
  • Click on the folder icon
  • Choose your logo and click on "Open"
  • In the check box at the bottom right, click: “Display logo on recalls” (optional)
  • Save.

TIP: If you use a template without a logo and you wish to include logos on your reminder letter, simply create a second template. That way you will have one for your invoices and another for your recall letters.