Here is a list of the multiple options you can use to have a station working from home or outside of the company. Any support for these options is not part of your maintenance service plan. Please refer to your Network/IT department for any help or assistance.

A - Controlling a computer at work from home

You can remotely take control of a GEM-CAR station at work.


  • The software needs to be installed on the local and the remote computer. 


  • Easy to set up and use
  • No GEM-CAR installation needed on your remote computer.
  • Many software offers this service for free.


  • The station under control cannot be used at work while you are working on it remotely.
  • No use of your local printer. 


Here is the most popular remote software:  

JoinMe® Free, simple, fast online meetings. Great for training!

LogMeIn® Get In and go with remote access. 

TeamViewer® Remote Desktop & Online Meetings. (Used by the GEM-CAR Support team) 


B - Working directly from home as an additional station

You can directly work from home as an additional station as if you had your own station at work.


  • Additional GEM-CAR license. 
  • High computer and network skills.  Please refer to your Network/IT department.
  • High Speed Internet with good bandwidth (ex: 12Mbps - download / 12Mbps - upload)


  • No remote control needed
  • No computer is blocked at work
  • You can use your local printer


  • Sometimes requires a static IP address from your Internet provider, which is often an extra paid service, unless it's included in your monthly plan.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Ask the company that supports your computers and network to create a Virtual Private Network between the remote (distant) computer and the GEM-CAR server computer at work.

Real Static IP Address

Real IP address assigned to your router

  • You need to contact your Internet provider and ask them to assign a real static IP address to your router.
  • Ask your technician to set a static IP address on the GEM-CAR server computer.
  • Ask your technician to open the following ports on your router and point all requests for those ports to the GEM-CAR server computer: 
    • TCP 135,1433,2383,4022 / UDP 1434.

C - Working on  any device anywhere in the World

Here is our best recommendation:  GEM-CLOUD
 GEM-CLOUD - 10 days trial
 Everything is set for you: