New options added in version 10.1
New general option (108) to automatically add new items to permanent inventory
  • When this option is activated, new items from the Point of Sale will be automatically added to permanent inventory without prompts.
  • A question will only be asked when the option "Inventory follow-up" is not checked for the item's category.

New general option (109) to activate and use colors in the calendar (Appointment scheduler)
  • Use colors to show available scheduling time in the calendar.

New general option (110) to switch the Engine and Cylinder values when decode a vehicle
  • You can now switch the Engine and Cylinder values when decoding vehicles. 

All options from the « General information » will be applied to all computer station. Every option that would only apply to one computer will be set in the local configuration.

POS : Point Of Sale Window

1. Increase automatically the customer number

By selecting this option, GEM-CAR will automatically assigned a unique incremental number as the customer number. Note that if the customer is created via the POS window by entering the last 7 digits of the phone number, the phone number will by assigned by the default customer number.

(Activated by default)

2. Net amount without Distribution ....

Distributionof  the net sale without separating the discount in a category. For example, a $120 sale with $20 in discount, will be registered as 100$ sale rather than $120 in sale and $20 in discount category.

3. Enable modification of item description and price in the POS

Distribution Corporation such as tire distribution center, gas station should activate this option in order to protect user from changing item description & selling price.
(Activated by default)

4. Ask for a cost input if the product is not in the inventory

Enable the user to add a cost to a new item not in the inventory when adding it via the POS.
(Activated by default)

5. Used GEM-WORK suite

To enable the activation of the GEM-WORK inspection sheets, this option must be activated. On the activation you should be asked by the system to create the operation code related to this inspection. User will then be able to keep or changer the code in the “Inventory List Code”. Applicable fees might be applicable.
(Activated by default)

6. Show Cost at input

In the Point of Sales, when adding a new product, your cost will show with number. When unchecked, the cost will be hidden with ******.

7.  Use a margin versus a markup when calculating the selling price on a new item

When this option is enable, the user will be prompted to add a cost to a new item the POS and then GEM-CAR will automatically calculate a selling price using the following formula : Selling = Cost / (1-margin), otherwise the system will add a markup to the cost of the price.
(Activated by default)

8. Enable the user to change the “Cash” or counter customer

When this option is enable, the user can change in the POS the name of the « counter » or « Cash » customer without have to edit the customer. Note that by default the “counter” customer is set to “-1”. Click here to see how to changed the number of the “counter” customer. (FAQ)
(Activated by default)

9.  Display the time of the appointments in decimals in the POS

When this option is enable, the duration of a job in the POS, in the inventory job code or in the agenda will be set in hundreds of hour. For example, a job duration will actually be displayed as 1.75 hours rather than 1 hour and 45 minutes. Note that the appointment duration time will be rounded to 0.25 hour (15 minutes).
(Activated by default)

10. Display the time in the appointments schedule in decimals

When this option is enable, the duration of a job in the agenda will be set in hundreds of hour. For example, a job duration will actually be displayed as 1.75 hours rather than 1 hour and 45 minutes. Note that the appointment duration time will be rounded to 0.25 hour (15 minutes).
(Activated by default)

11. Do not ask the user to make a copy of the GEM-CAR data base when exiting the software

Since it is the customer responsibility to make sure they have a daily backup of their data, this option should not be enable unless another backup process is in place. Note that by default when a user exits the software he will be prompt to make a copy and the default destination will go to an external plugged USB key.
(Activated by default)

12. Display and input category for item that are not in inventory

When this option is not activated, all item created thru the POS will be automatically added to the default product category “200”.  In order to have a detailed sales report, this option should be enable.
(Activated by default)

13. Automatically save item not in inventory

When checked, the system will automatically save all new item added in the Point of Sale.

14.  Use price list and line code

When this option is check, the system will prompt you to select a catalog that will become accessible when adding an item in the Point of Sale. Make sure the catalog is on the GEM-CAR server location and accessible to all user. This catalog can contain 500 000 product without slowing down the application.
(Activated by default)

15. Display door number on the delivery slip

Printing the bay/door on the delivery slip.
(Activated by default)

16. Do not validate postal code format

In order to deactivate the postal code format (customer and supplyer) to allow USA zip code to be added
(Activated by default)

17 Display the trucking tab in the vehicle file

In order to add complementary information dedicated to trucks such as: transmission, differential, brakes information.

18. Display only 4 caracters in the product code printed on the invoice.

Print only the last 4 digits of the product code on the invoice. The complete code will show in the order history and in the Point of Sale.

19. Used product sort key in the inventory search

Activate the tracking  search key. It wil automatically add this field in the product module.

20. Use a 12 hours clock instead of a 24 hours

Use the AM/PM format rather than the 24 hours format in the agenda and the job creation in the Point in Sale.
(Activated by default)

21. Use the average cost in the inventory

Use the average cost in the inventory management module

22. Distribution Compagny (no vehicle)

When this option is activate, it will skip the vehicle selection in the Point of Sale when creating a new quote.

23.  Display « Estimate » on the estimate

It will show « Estimate » rather than quotation on the quotation that you will give to your customer.
(Activated by default)


24. In the vehicle file used KM by default insted of « Miles »

In the vehicle file, use « KM » by default when creating a new vehicle.
(Activated by default)


25. Mandatory VIN number input.

When this option is selected, a VIN number must be added  before closing the invoice.
(Disable by default)

26. Use departement type in job.

When this option is checked, a department selection will be added in the job line added in the Point Of Sale.  Every item sold under that job will be associated with the department of the job.  A default department can be set in the product management form.
(Activated by default)

27.  Activate the preventative maintenance tab in the vehicle

When this option is activated, a new tab will show in the vehicle file : « Preventative maintenance ». Users can then set the schedule based on the customer history. In the Point of Sale the preventative maintenance report icon will also show up.
(Activated by default)


28. Remove the « 2 » invoices needed to activate the preventative maintenance module

In order for the system to evaluate the mileage done by a vehicle in a year and to plan the preventative maintenance schedule.


29. Use the cash drawer

When checked, the cash drawer icon will show up in the Point of Sale


30 . Display calendar in 36 hours

Enable shop to plan appointment in the agenda and work extended hours at night


31. Show the GEM-WOOK file in preview mode

Print all GEM-WORK inspection on the screen when you right click on the Work Order Icon in the Point of Sale in order to print directly without preview.


32. use an automatic tire storage number
When this option is enable, the system will automatically generate a unique identification number for the Tire Storage sticker.

33. use an automatic Work Order number

When this option is enable, the system will automatically generate a unique identification number for the work order number. Otherwise, a Work Order Number will be generated using the date (yyyy-mm-dd) with an automatic number.


34. Use mandatory GL number

Force mandatory General Ledger Number in all categories. Enable this option when using an accounting bridge.


35. Import  411 customer's information

When entering a phone number (only the last 7 digit) in the customer field from the Point Of Sale, it will be pushed to collect the address from the 411. This customer information could then be saved in is file.


36. Import part description from the Internet in CAPSLOCK

All part will be imported from your distributor Web Site in CAPSLOCK.


37. Display subtotal for every job on the quotation/invoice.

When enabling this option, all selling price from part from a job will show a subtotal on the quotation or on the invoice.


38. Automatically add the scanned item to the Punch Clock window.

All scanned item via the Punch Clock window will be automatically added without have to press Enter 2 times. Add a specific quantity by typing the number of part followed by a *.


39. Add a warning if the customer as no address before closing the invoice

Show a message when a customer doesn’t have a complete address before invoicing.


40. Reverse the click on the Work Order button

Reverse the printing option from the F11 button from the Point of Sale, all document will directly go to the printer. Note that by right clicking on the same icon, the Work Order will then be printed to the screen.


41. Reverse the click on the Quotation button

Reverse the printing option from the F3 button from the Point of Sale, all document will directly go to the printer. Note that by right clicking on the same icon, the Quotation will then be printed to the screen.


42. Activate the VIN decoder

Activate the VIN decoder, in order to transfer the vehicle information to the vehicle file in the Point of Sale or in the Punch Clock Window.


43. Check if a new version is available

Check if a new version of GEM-CAR is available by Internet.


44. Follow punh clock on report

Allow the system to prompt the user for specific validation when actively using the punch clock.


45. Do not use the required time for job in the Inventory module

If this option is enable when you add a job to a quotation, it will not planned the time from the duration from the Product File.


46. Display the Esitmate Title label

Show the title on the list of quotation in order to find your customer quotation even faster.  The quotation title could be added from the Point of Sale.


47. Envoyer l’estimé  à la prochaine étape au commencement du travail

Transfert the quotation Step to the “Work Order” Step when a job gets its first punch.


48.  Do not change the planed time to the billed time when after changing the billed time.

Do not change the planed time to the billed time when after changing the billed time.


49. Display a message when the part is at its minimum

The minimum level has been reached when the quantity available (quantity on hand less the reserved quantity) is less than the minimum. The message will display when a part is added to an estimate and the quantity available is less than the minimum.


50. Plan appointments with no time on the punch

Allows a technician to point to a work order with the bar code; the system automatically transfers the job to the timeslot with his name. A record is therefore kept on the invoice (initials of technician in charge) of who performed the work while gathering statistics. Applicable in the rare cases when a company cannot use the calendar.


51. Rounding the time of planned appointments
Since the agenda manages the 15-minute timeslots, some users prefer rounding appointments so as not to create a conflict in the agenda when there is a free space. However, this practice cannot be used by those who wish to validate their performance statistics, which includes allocated time.


52. Activate WorldPac

All stations that use GEM-CAR must have the WorldPac software installed.


53. Do not automatically schedule appointments

When a job is added to an estimate, the user must choose whether he wants to plan a job in the agenda right after the others or not. This way, you avoid filling out the schedule with additions that are not sold with an estimate.


Option 54 Do not ask for an invoice message to be added

Deactivate the message that asks the user to enter a reminder before creating an invoice.


Option 55 Serial number required when invoicing

Some provinces or states require that the vehicle’s serial number be included on the invoice.


Option 56 Activate the follow up on requests

Use for GEM-CAR development team only.


Option 57

 Show the advisor name on the invoice, top left corner below the log.


Option 58

Enable Express "End of the day" procedure... Lightning icon will show and allow user to skip invoice selection.


Option 59

Enter category in a text box when adding a new product in the Point Of Sale.


Option 60

Use default value in the vehicle creation (Automatic, Gas, Simple Cam)


Option 61

Import from customer's first name then last name instead of last name then first name.

Option 62

Don't use default category in the dropdown list when adding new product from POS.

Option 63

Allow adding preventative mantenance while creating vehicle from POS.

Option 64

Display scheduled date for an appointment on the estimate.

Option 65

Left click on "Purchases" in POS gives you an option to choose between "Supplier management" and "Reception" instead of directly showing "Supplier management".

Option 66

Use a sequential invoice number for the purchase window.

Option 67

Shows a message in POS when you add an item with quantity less or equal to the minimum that is set.

Option 68

Allows you to hide the information about price and quantity on an invoice and shows only the total amount.

Option 69

Mandatory entry of mileage, license number, VIN and tire size in the timestamp window.

Option 70

Display the core information linked to the given item.

Option 71

When a purchase with invoice is done from the point of sales, the cores included in the reception will also be added on the customer quotation.  It will be shown with a quantity of 0.

Option 72

Show personalized legal warranty text on the invoice.

Option 73

Activate the usage of electronic signature. NOTE: Fees may apply, the hardware shoud be provided by V2V TECHNOLGIES, otherwise support won't be provided.

Option 74

Recalculate the required time after modifying the qty of a job.

Option 75

Hide bay initials on an invoice.

Option 76

When purchases are done for parts already in inventory, but with a different cost price, the selling price will be updated with the price matrix (if there is one for the category or the line code).

Option 77

Activate the multi-location mode in inventory. Please note that fees may apply if you want to activate this option and the multi-localisation module.

Option 78

Regroup labor imported from ALLDATA into one line. Note that the detail of the calculation will be placed in the note of the job.  If the option is not checked, the transfer will generate multiple line of job.