The vehicle down time analysis report allows you time your vehicle(s) spent at the garage.

To activate this report:

  • In the menu, go to Configuration > General Information,
  • Check option 91 - Use the date and time of arrival and departure of the customer instead of the 'Customer has arrived' option,
  • Click the disk to save.


To bring data to the report:

  • You need to take the habit of clicking the button "Customer has arrived" when the customer arrives,


  • And clicking the same button again when the customer is leaving,
  • And click "Yes" to indicate the customer has left.



  • To verify or manually edit the time of arrival and departure, simply right-click on the button "Customer has arrived",
  • Click Close.



To use the report:

  • After closing the invoice(s) and doing an End of day,
  • In the menu, go to Reports > Performance,
  • Select Down time analysis report,
  • Enter a starting and ending date,
  • And click on the printer to display the report.