The "WALK-IN CUSTOMER" is a dynamic customer used to bill a counter customer with his name on the invoice, without keeping his infos in your database.

To setup the walk-in customer follow these steps:

  • From the main menu, go to "CONFIGURATION > GENERAL INFORMATION",

  • Go to the second tab called "General information",
    • Go to section "Customers",
    • Type in the Walk-in customer code (default: -1),
    • Type in the Walk-in customer name, (default: WALK-IN CUSTOMER)
  • Click the disk to save.

To use the walk-in customer, follow these steps :

  • Open the Point of Sale to create the invoice for your counter customer,
  • Type in the walk-in customer code (ex: -1),
  • Click the walk-in customer name and change it to your actual counter customer (ex: JOHN SMITH)
  • Complete the sale and close the invoice!

Option added to version 9.2

No modification will be allowed to the walk-in customer file though the customers maintenance window.

Here is one of the reasons:

  • Some GEM-CAR users would often forget and use the walk-in customer as a regular customer, with name, address, vehicles, etc... and would expect GEM-CAR to include it in the different reports.