To activate or renew the license file, copy the "Gem.Car" file to the "01" folder of the "vdata" folder (ex: C:\vdata\01 or C:\GEM-CAR\vdata\01).


How to verify the right folder of the license

  • Open GEM-CAR,
  • Go to Configuration > User configuration,
  • In the field called "GEM-CAR data", you will find the path to the folder containing the "vdata" (ex: "c:" - Then you know you have to place the licence in the folder: c:\vdata\01)



What is the license file?

It's a generated file specific to each GEM-CAR customer, based on their GEM-CAR package and contract duration.


It controls:

  • The number of stations/users allowed to use GEM-CAR at the same time,
  • The expiration date of usage based on your contract,
  • The access to differents modules (ex: Accounting Bridge, GEM-COM, GEM-GLASS, GEM-CALENDAR, etc....)