GEM-CAR promoted is newest features in Vancouver at the LORDCO show 2015. In association with ACDelco, customers were able to attend a live demo in the main ACDelco booth or to attend a demo directly in the GEM-CAR booth.




Bob Worts and John Paterson at the GEM-CAR booth inside the ACDelco booth  

Kelly Bennett (The coach) and Bob Worts in the GEM-CAR booth - LORDCO 2015 



Customers attending demo in the GEM-CAR booth at the LORDCO 2015


GEM-CAR proudly supports the ARA at the LORDCO show 2015 ...

Learn more about the ARA at 


Mathieu Brunel, President of V2V Technologies, supporting the GEM-TEAM 

in the booth next to the ACDelco  booth at LORDCO SHOW 2015 



Kelly Bennett registering student to the ARA training program



Overview of Canada's largest trade show : LORDCO 2015

Presentation session in the GEM-CAR booth at the LORDCO show 2015 

Rene Young, Industry Relations Advisor, Mechanical Repair Division
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at ARA promoting the association at he LORDCO SHOW


The 1010 Tires management team (GEM-CAR customer) coming for training at GEM-CAR booth - LORDCO 2015