GEM-CAR, the Shop Management Software of the future,  is a comprehensive software product designed to provide total management of your service business. It has the ability to streamline your shop operation, provide excellent customer communications through an integrated CRM module, allow ongoing management of your labor efficiency and proficiency, and maximize the net profit of your business. To quote AC Delco "it's simply the best shop tool you'll ever buy"

The GEM-TEAM will be presenting all of the newest modules and improvement during the 6 days event in Detroit by the end of July 2015.

“Our customers that where involved in the Research and Development of the new release, are delighted with the ease of use of the new features that creates real result. For example sales of higher ticket went up 36% by sending picture of the issues with the car along with the quotation.  Linking a picture from your smart phone to the quote takes less than 3 seconds. Its easy picture sales.  “ explain Mathieu Brunel, president of GEM-CAR.
In today’s changing world, loyalty is key to a shop success. That’s why GEM-CAR offer the shop promotes is services by adding personalized coupons on the bottom of the invoice.  For example our customer can link one of the 40 loyalty program available with the software. Shop owner would purchase point via our loyalty program partners and promotion management would be automated within GEM-CAR.

Come and meet us booth 1030 -1034