• In the menu, go to Inventory Management > Product/Job code management,
  • Click on the printer,
  • Look at the bottom section called Printing of inventory - Select categories,
  • Select categories of items you want to export,
  • Choose the Sort order,
  • Select the items quantities,
  • Click on the printer,
  • On top left of the report window, click on the enlevoppe,
  • In the Export window, on the Format line, click on the arrow to bring up the list of formats.
  • Make sure to choose MS Excell 97-2000 (Data only),
  • Click OK,
  • Choose Custom... and click OK,
  •  Save the file.
  • Go to "Inventory Management" / "Product/Job code management",
  • Click on the spy glass, type the "code line" number in the "code line" field,
  • Click on the barcode icon and select all products,
  • Click on the "Printer" icon.
  • In the "Export" window, select the "Format:  MS-Excel 97-2000 (Data only)"
  • Save the file:
  • This is how the final excel file should look like:

Note:You can export the report in Excel, modify it and re-import it with the changes that you have made.

How to export a report to Excel or a PDF document - V7.0

 GEM-CAR offers data transfer for a lot of system but the conversion time could change from one system to another base on

  • Size of data base,
  • Speed on the Internet,
  • Access security,
  • The software to convert the data from.

 For all these reasons, the data conversion will take place the day before the GO LIVE... All invoice not transferred will be use as training in your GEM-CAR.


Customer, vehicle and history will be imported if data transfer is available by the GEM-CAR support team 


Importation of inventory

·         GEM-CAR Support team will generate a file in Excel : Customer can clean up the file

·         Import data from Excel will then be performed by GEM-CAR Support team

·         Customer can change description, pricing ( except the product code)

·         At the go live, the GEM-CAR Support team will update (quantity) and add new product


·         The Customer will then be able to change the product code

 PS: the code can be update in a separate excel document with the following column : old code, new code, category and line code


  • Go to "Inventory"/"Product/Job code management",
  • Click on the green "+" sign,
  • Choose "Category", "Product number" and "Descritpion",
  • Click on the "Diskette" in order to save.

  • Via the Point of Sale, click on the inventory magnifying glass (Product code management).
  • In the inventory window, click on the inventory transaction list icon (under the printer).

Here is the list of information: transactions, customers, suppliers, transaction types, users, transaction date, inventory follow-up, etc.

  • To display the details in a purchase order, a receipt or a customer invoice:
  • Select a transaction in the list.
  • Click on the lined paper icon.

NOTE : Use the horizontal scroll bar to consult the information that is to the left.