Create step / classification of the quote


  • Go to "Planning > Document progression planning",
  • Choose a step that you wish to modify-"Select step to be configured",
  • Choose a step that you wish to add-"Steps that can be added",
  • Click on the "Forward" icon (>>) or (>) in order to transfer the step that can be added to the "Step(s) selected" window.


  • On the menu, go to Configuration > Local Configuration
  • Select a model at the bottom panel and click on the 3 dots (...) next to the model name.
  • Note: If you don't see the (...) next to the model name when you first click on it, select another line and click back on it and (...) should appear. 



  • On the Report Model Management window,
  • Check "Display company information" and "Display the highlighted items",
  • And click on the color spy glass, 



  • Choose your color,
  • And click OK, 



  • Click Save, then Exit,


  • Click Exit.  


From the POS (Point of Sale) window, open an order ready for payment (example: $72.52),

  • Click on Invoice or press F4,


  • In the CASH amount entry field, enter the amount given by the customer (example: $100),
  • Click the CASH tab ONCE and the amount owned will be displayed on the bottom right field (example $27.48),

  • Once the change has been submitted, click on the CASH tab TWICE to confirm full payment,
  • Click the Print icon to register and print the payment receipt.

Hint: To save paper, if your customer does not need or require a receipt, you can also click on the Green dollars sign icon (Invoice without printing)!

Generally, the system uses the logo that you selected in “Configuration” / “Save logo”.

  • Go to the menu “Configuration” / “Modify logo”.
  • Click on the folder icon.

  • Choose your logo and click on "Open"

  • Save and Exit.