GEM-CAR offer an integration 
to AllData automotive labor time guide. With the integration, comes AllData  automotive repair guide integration where the advisor can automatically transfer labor time to their point of sale window to create a fast estimate.  

  • Transfers labor description
  • Labor time is also downloaded, 
  • Repair guide and diagram, 
  • Use hundred of hour in billing.

Benefit of using labor catalog integration.

  • No more guessing: same job different vehicle equal different time,

  • Reduce surprise in estimate,

  • Help you sell  job based on industry standard,

  • Remove all typo by transferring the labor description,


Discover by yourself how easy it is to create an estimate using the ProDemand labor guide catalog!

AllData labor time guide catalog

AllData has been the leader in mechanical labor estimates for over decades. The auto repair manual with labor time guides has been developed by experienced and highly-skilled automotive specialist . Labor times and parts pricing for all vehicle models auto repair manual with labor time guides has been very helpful.

OEM Parts Catalog

OEM part numbers are included with detailed illustrations and manufacturer suggested retail prices (MSRP) to push into your GEM-CAR.

Preventive Maintenance

OEM scheduled preventative maintenance services are presented in time and mileage intervals, as well as services based on dashboard indicator lights. Great to input in your GEM-CAR

About the compagny

The delivery of ALLDATA products has evolved, but we continue to drive the industry with expertise and determination. Today, ALLDATA is the industry standard in automotive repair software, used daily by more than 300 000 technicians worldwide.

From our roots with ALLDATA Repair, the repair guide software has expanded our software product line to include factory-correct diagnostic, repair and collision information, business tools and support services for the global automotive industry. Our suite of products includes:
  • ALLDATA Repair—The single source of accurate, up-to-date OEM-accurate diagnosis, repair and maintenance information covering more than 33 000 engine-specific vehicles.

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