GEM-CAR testimonials about Repair shop management software

gem car software testimonial

GEM-CAR is an easy to master Auto Repair Shop Management System (SMS), a software designed for the automotive, fleet, boat, bike, truck & tire industry. When choosing to implement GEM-CAR software in your business, you actually cross an important threshold in your commitment towards your customers, your staff and your business.


 Kelly the coach, trained over 25 000 Advisors and shop owners

«GEM-CAR is so simple, that you can master it in less than a month.… All the areas you need are accessed from the Point of Sale page; Reminders, Tire storage, Customer history, Account receivable, etc...»
J. St-Louis, Auto 2000 Garage - The Specialist

«There really is no age limit for moving forward! We used to do every thing by hand. Today, from invoicing to inventory, we use GEM-CAR for everything... »
Renald Gaudreault (age 64), Suspension Lavoie , a Tech-Net shop.

«Before using GEM-CAR, I used to spend about 4 hours a week on billing.
Now it only takes a few minutes…»
Sebastian Laflamme, Owner,
Garage   a Tech-Net shop

« I enjoy the flexibility of GEM-CAR and the real time access to the Uni-Select pricing and inventory. The large simple icons and user friendliness make the End of Day procedure a simple click and finding mistakes a quick and easy task... »
Steve Poulin, Grenier Poulin Garage - Uni Pro
gem car testimonial

«GEM-CAR is stable and fast : all our customer information is on hand. Making an estimate or work order is child’s play with the direct link to Mitchell...»
Robin Gagnon, Owner, R.G.Expert Inc - Uni Pro

«GEM-CAR’s simple yet detailed invoice allows us to present and justify to our customers all the parts and labour for each repair or procedure...»
Bernard Poisson, Bernard Poisson Garage - The Specialist
technician repair car

«Without ever leaving the multi-function Point of Sale page, you schedule appointments, make estimates, get detailed work orders,
order parts on-line and invoice…»
Guy Pelletier, President,
Tsunami Consulting auto repair shop management.

« I like GEM-CAR because it is truly user friendly and having the customer history makes me more efficient. I also like the fact that I own the software! »
Louis-Martin Pedneault, Owner, Mechanic Center Services.