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Next Convention on June 25th 2020

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The annual GEM-CAR convention is back! Take this opportunity to meet (virtually) our passionate team during this day of training, networking and unveiling!

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From  1PM to 4PM

With the upcoming version 13 of GEM-CAR, there are so many features to present that the whole day is dedicated to making your shop a success.  

- Learn about GEM-MONEY 
-Digital Inspection GEM-CHECK

 In the toughest economic periods, GEM-CAR is your best MARKETING tool ... 

- Discover your software from a new angle
- Learn how to use it to fill your work bays

Here are a few improvements:
glass module image rental module image
Improved GLASS Module Improved RENTAL Module
New design &
Commercial invoicing.
You can now personalize your rental agreement and add picture.
performance report image inventory management image
New Performance Report New options
Worked hours will be distributed by technician. New options for color calendar, vehicle and inventory management.


digital inspection tablet XPLORE Tablet 
waterproof & resistant

Great for 
Digital Inspection 

gem check logo
to be used from your punch clock GEM-CAR 

Investing in your Shop Management Software is one thing, but investing in learning how to use it to make your shop better is key.

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The objective of the day is to make you discover all new features available in GEM-CAR so you can implement what will allow you to growth your business.

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"As a passionate team, it’s our concern that you use your GEM-CAR at its full capacity. Your success will reflect on the GEM-CAR community and will help you achieved your goal.  My passion is to help you succeed, so I will be glad to participate by being the guest speaker.”

Mathieu Brunel,  GEM-CAR President.
Discovers some hidden marketing features that can assist you in increasing your sales.
Participate in our mutual goals, by bringing creative idea… GEM-CAR after all is for you.

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Have a great GEM-CAR convention

  Kindly yours

Mathieu Brunel,  President

gem car software convention team