GEM-CAR, a leader in auto/truck repair management software, is announcing the launch of version 10 at the next GEM-CAR convention in June 2017. GEM-CAR is the first software company to offer a convention. The purpose is to review best practices and encourage business owners to improve their shop management skills. Participants are invited to two days of training: The first day will feature Kelly The Coach, focusing on business practices. The second day will include GEM-CAR’s newest features.

Every year, GEM-CAR invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and development so that users can benefit from the latest innovative and creative features. For example, GEM-CAR offers a new feature to help clean the database by merging duplicate customer and/or vehicle information.

Another new module includes a quick “look up” by scanning a barcode on a shop supplied plastic key tag featuring the company’s logo. This promotional item permits every customer to become an ambassador of the garage when they leave the key on a counter during a social event. Finally, it allows an advisor to scan the barcode on the Key tag to open the work order. What a great way to know who left is car in parking lot the night before....

GEM-CAR.....building a community one by one