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New GEM-CAR documentation website

One day, a distributor representative asked us if we had a way to search in the FAQ in a table of content format ... We have done it... Thank's for his comment, this page has been seen 100 more than any other page in our FAQ section. Hope it can serve you well... Enjoy, learn and master your GEM-CAR! 

Point Of Sale


Punch Clock









Tire Module

 Tire Distribution


Truck and Fleet Module (GEM-FLEET)


More Specialties

Automotive Club Module

Production Module

Fuel Module

Courtesy Car and Rental Module

Transmission Module

Glass Module



Tax Management










System Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions, the page allows GEM-CAR users to find answers to all their questions in one place. Not only does it make life easier for your team, but it can also save them time because they don't have to wait for a simple question. 

You are bound to have a few questions about GEM-CAR products, services, or companies.

While we want to try and answer those questions in our FAQ by module, it can sometimes be difficult for audience members to find the exact answers to their questions. So you can use it in addition : 

- FAQ section: search by keywords over 600+  Frequently Asked Questions,
- GEM-UNIVERSITY : E-Learning solution with a short video,
- GEMINAR : Live or recorder webinars,
- GEM-GUIDE a manual on how to use your GEM-CAR.

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