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Here is a list of some of the key features:

  •  Repair history by unit
  •  Returns and core management
  •  Mileage and cost report by unit
  •  Fleet management 
  •  Digital inspection for truck & trailer & bus
  • Group discount management
  • Truck work order
  • Survey by vehicle
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Electronic punch clock
  • Inventory management
  • Bar code label printing
  • Alternate part
  • Automatically bill for shop supplies
  • Truck management file with accessories
  • Kit management
Fleet shop software for truck

With our fleet management software, we can manage your vehicle fleet and equipment to control your inventory needs for them.

GEM-FLEET will streamline the scheduling and services due for regular maintenance and the cost of parts and labor time used to maintain them. This would include a breakdown of cost per mile and hour by the unit to assist in managing the age in operation and cost of ownership for older units.   

Inventory cycle counts are simplified by using bar code readers. Yes, you can run our software on tablets and use it on the cloud if desired. 

Pictures of equipment on the work order and parts make finding the correct piece of equipment and matching parts from the stockroom simplified.

In conclusion, ask for a demo to discover how GEM-FLEET can assist you in minimizing costly breakdown and cost per mileage analysis.


Digital color inspection software to run in your shop 

 Fleet management software inspection

 Fleet software with  digital inspection

  Free fleet management software - demo

GEM-FLEET free demo: Fleet management software for your repair shop.

Yes, It's also a billing software for truck repair centers!

Fleet Management Software : GEM-FLEET 

Choosing which software to manage your fleet repair shop is one of the most important decisions that you will make for your business.  While a software product that will give you information to make important decisions is key; choosing software that is simple to use for all staff members should also be considered very carefully.  Any software is only as valuable as the features of that software that are actually used on a day to day basis.  Many software products are only used at a small fraction of their capability. 

  • Most often this is due to a lack of training and coaching from the outset.  Fleet Management Software is very easy to learn and one-on-one training makes deployment even more effective.  We start by converting the data from your current software (we currently convert from more than 50 different brands). 
  • You will work with a dedicated trainer who will teach the software basics as well as be your coach and key point of contact during the implementation process of your fleet software. 
  • All of our Trainers have more than 30 years experience in the automotive and fleet business and each has coached hundreds of shops to successful implementation.  And it doesn’t end there. 
  • Our Trainers are always available to coach and counsel owners as they grow their fleet business (and profits). 
  • In addition, we offer GEM-UNIVERSITY to all staff members.  This is an online learning portal with plenty of great “how to” videos. 
  • We also have an online FAQ with detailed explanations of procedures using screen captures for ease of learning.

The Point of Sale is the heart of our Fleet Management Software where most functions are completed. 

  • Take an Appointment for future service using the integrated  calendar/scheduler, add jobs with notes for the technicians, add parts to the work order through integrations with your parts stores or easily add parts manually from other sources like OE dealers who do not have online ordering available.
  • Access the customer information section with one click to modify customer information. 
  • Track Returns to make sure that credits are issued from your parts suppliers in a timely manner. 
  • Access the Vehicle Management with one click to add a vehicle or modify current information. 
  • Use Carfax VIN decoder to make adding vehicle information fast and accurate. 
  • Access your vehicle service history with ease. 
  • Email estimates or invoice copies directly to customers. 
  • Communicate with your customers via text messaging. 
  • Print key tag labels with ease so you always know what keys belong to each vehicle. 
  • Print Oil Change Stickers as a reminder to customers when their next service is due. 
  • Make sure that you are legally protected by using the Electronic Signature Pad or the Verbal Authorization Stamp.

Use the integrated Electronic Punch Clock to track time on jobs, monitor technician performance and gather information on productivity statistics.  Technicians can add products like filters, bulbs, welding services, etc. using a bar code scanner.  Use the Internal Chat feature to communicate between Service Advisors and the Technicians in the shop. 

Digital Inspections are becoming the new normal is repair shops and GEM-FLEET has a comprehensive package of inspection forms available.  Custom inspection forms can be designed and integrated.  Technicians can complete digital inspections and take photos using a tablet which are then linked and stored with the work order and can be sent to customers via email.  Using the Punch Clock will Increase the average billing time per work order by 10-15 minutes which generally represents $3000 to $5000 in additional labor sales per year/per technician. 

The ability manage Preventive Maintenance services is quick and easy in GEM-FLEET.  Create reminders in advance of the next service interval to help keep your bays full and productive. 

Managing inventory is important whether it is items that are stocked or those that are ordered specifically for a vehicle being serviced.  Easily track inventory movement and be certain that all parts are added to the work order.  You can automatically create bar codes for any parts and services or use the bar code that is on the part. The integrated online ordering from your parts suppliers allows parts to be added to work orders with ease.  Transfer the parts from your supplier website and configure the advanced Price Matrix to maintain a specified profit margin.

GEM-FLEET provides a very comprehensive group of reports to help you manage your business, including a cost per Km/miles or hours report for each unit.  Most reports are configured by date range which allows you up to the minute information on sales, purchases, receivables, payables and virtually every aspect of your business health.

When you choose to implement GEM-FLEET Fleet Management Software at your business you are on the way to improved customer service and improved profitability.  Your dedicated Trainer will design a specific plan with you for the implementation of the software at your business.

Ask for a demo to discover more of the benefits of Fleet Software and learn how GEM-FLEET can assist you in minimizing costly breakdowns and improve vehicle cost analysis.

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