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HOW can you get your free Repair Shop Management Software?

Many GEM-CAR customers claim that they have a free repair shop management software.  Actually it does not cost them a dime to run their automotive billing software. How can they get GEM-CAR for free? It pays for itself thanks to a single function.  

All the other intuitive functions help generate more sales, increased profits and time savings. The function these customers refer to is the additional margin option, where you can add an automatic % to be added to the selling price.
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How would it apply to my business ?

- For example, if you sell $100,000 in parts in after market a year, an additional margin of only 2% would represent an extra $2000 in revenue in order to provide your repair shop with a free billing software in the Automotive industry.  Each month, GEM-CAR can generate an Additional Margin report to keep you informed of the cumulative amount earned.

- Just the additional margin: it pays for it self ...  

- Yes you can make it configurable, so :

  • on tire sales : it wouldn't apply
  • on OEM : set it to 0.5%
  • On used part : set it to 1%
  • On after market : set it to 1%



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