GEM-CAR is a billing and a shop management software for body shop. Designed to optimized your production schedule, shop owner can manage the floor plan by the implementation of the electronic punch clock software for flat rate technicians. Using digital inspection also speed up the process of approval of the additional repair. 

SAVE time :

- Two ways texting
- Schedule appointment
- Quick order
- Manage inventory
- Supplement approval

By transferring estimates from :
 - EMS Files,
 - Mitchell Ultra Mate,

 - Audatex,
 - CCC.

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With our Body shop management software you will have a better understanding of the difference between your estimated time on an estimate and the paid time from the consumer or insurance company in dollars and profit!

Save time by transferring your insurance estimates from Audatex, Mitchell and CCC to GEM-COLLISION in a simple click, and then manage your schedule and profitability.

While using GEM-COLLISION we manage the labor cost of the job and paint material cost to protect your estimated totals to the real total expense, including ensuring your profitability!

The electronic punch clock is a great way to communicate with your employees by chat and allowing them to complete digital inspections including pictures of items to be approved or supplemented. Technicians would also scan with a barcode reader any additional materials used on the job like seam sealer, window primer, rust proofing, weld thru primer and car covers.

If supplements to the insurance company or clients are becoming a concern, use GEM-COLLISION to manage the outstanding balance due. Make sure you are legally protected by using the electronic signature pad or verbal authorization time stamp.

Send pictures and text customers to get approval and communicate completion of work in one click.

In addition consider using our integrated CRM solution for GEM-COLLISION to communicate the work steps with your clients, delivery status and manage reviews and reputation management of your business with GEM-CRM.

In conclusion ask for a demo to discover how GEM-COLLISION can assist you in maximizing your shop profitability and performance.