GEM-CAR is an auto repair shop management and billing software, used in the automotive industry. The software provides  easy access to ePartConnection parts search and ordering catalog, directly on the main Point of Sale window. 

free demo ePartConnection catalog integration  
  • Fleet survey feature
  • Labor guide
  • Service maintenance 
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Multi - location lookup
  • Delivery option - ASAP (30 min or less)

List of features available in the ePartConnection catalog:

  • Search ePartConnection catalog for auto parts,
  • Auto parts description lookup,
  • Scan VIN or barcode,
  • Displays VIN directly on your phone,
  • Add customer data and vehicle notes,
  • Vehicle's year, make, model, engine, parts locator,
  • View prices and promotions,
  • Create a special order,
  • Interchange part numbers with O.E.M. numbers,
  • Enter license plate numbers to get more details about vehicle conditions,
  • Manually enter vehicle information to get details for vehicles that do not have VIN’s,
  • Ability to create customized shopping lists for frequently used auto parts,
  • Scan VIN from the vehicle windshield or door panel,
  • View fully decoded VIN,
  • Use multi-location lookup,
  • Many delivery options,
  • Reduce browsing time
ePartConnection catalog integration

The auto parts catalog sends all vehicle specific information to GEM-CAR software.

Discover how easy it is to create an estimate by using the catalog.

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