To export a report to another format:

  • Preview a report on the screen,
  • Click on the small envelope icon in the top left corner,
  • Select the format to export,
    • Ex Data Only
  • Click on the “OK” button,
  • Print.


GEM-CAR Report are built in Crystal report... Here is issue that you might have

Common issue : Crystal Report when exported to MS-Excel (Data Only) the columns of the Excel file spread to multiple columns.


  • Microsoft Excel 2003 Service Pack 2, Microsoft Excel 2007

Reproduce the issue: follow the steps

  • Open the Crystal Report in “CR Designer”,
  • Click on File -> Export -> Export report,
  • Select Microsoft Excel –Data Only(XLS),
  • Click on "Ok",
  • Click on Options,
  • Select “Details” in the Drop Down box,
  • Check the options Maintain relative object position and Maintain column alignment,
  • Click on OK,
  • Save the excel file on the machine(Disk),
  • View the Excel file,
  • The exported file shows that the second column from left Matt Cont is not spread over to the adjoining columns.


  • Click on the “Export” button,
  • Select “Excel data Only” format from the drop down list,
  • In the Excel Format options, uncheck "Simplify page headers",
  • Select other options if necessary,
  • Once this is done, check the exported excel file. Now there should be no missing header columns,
  • If "Simplify page headers" is checked, the page header is being “read only” once and does not show the values on the second line causing the issue to appear.


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