GEM-CAR is a repair shop management and billing software, used in the automotive industry that provides a full integration to Cantin Distribution advanced search and ordering e-catalog.  Cantin Distribution is a Canadian company that offers equipment, tools and supplies for mechanical and tire workshops.  
cantin distribution catalog  
  • A great assortment of tire accessories
  • Offer customized supply program
  • A great variety of product lines
  • Reduced browsing time
  • Return and refund policy
  • Delivery options within Canada

The mechanics can quickly create an accurate estimate by using the integrated version of the Cantin Distribution online catalog in GEM-CAR software. The catalog is suitable for auto and tire dealers, mechanical workshops and retreading plants. 

List of features available in the e-catalog.  

  • Browse by brand or product category,
  • Over 3,000 products in hand,
  • Easily find the product you need by entering the vehicle's year, make, model, or engine,
  • View prices, promotions and quantities online,
  • Create a special order, and use discounts, 
  • Offer customized supply program,
  • Able to download MSDS: Material safety data sheets,
  • Easily place your orders from your phone,
  • Free shipping under certain conditions,
  • Refund and Warranty Policy.
cantin distribution catalog integration

Discover how easy it is to create an estimate by using the e-catalog. 

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