GEM-CAR offers a full integration to Motorcade search and ordering catalog. Motorcade Industries is a Canadian company that distributes automotive replacement parts for cars and pickup trucks to auto repair shops, tire centers, and dealers throughout Canada. 

motorcade catalog integration
  • Over 60 years experience in the automotive industry
  • Several distribution centers in Ontario
  • Offer quality products and competitive prices
  • Directly transfer automotive parts including code, description and cost
  • Selling can be also downloaded or push to a price matrix

  Benefits of using the Motorcade catalog:

  • Easily find the parts you need;
  • Use advanced search options;
  • Check out prices, promotions, and quantities;
  • Able to minimize search times and clicks;
  • Return and refund policy;
  • Enter vehicle year, make, model, engine;
  • Transfer parts description to estimates.
  • Multi - location lookup
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Delivery option within Canada
motorcade catalog integration

Discover how easy it is to create an estimate by using the online catalog.

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Motorcade Industries Ltd. was established in 1957 by Martin Winter. The company has several stores located in Ontario. The stores provide extensive product lines of new and remanufactured hard auto parts, maintenance items and accessories for passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans and light trucks. 

Motorcade Industries Head Office
90 Kincort St, 
York, ON 
M6M 5G1
1 877-614-6122