GEM-MONEY - Finances Vehicle Repairs and Improvements

GEM-MONEY is a new way to offer financing on a vehicle's repairs and improvements using GEM-CAR without carrying the risk or the liability. GEM-CAR Software has developed a new program that will increase the closing ratio of open work orders, proposed work, and rescheduled work. Through this financing program, shops will be able to offer more solutions than ever in order to capture and close more repair orders by giving car owners a seamless financing option at the time of estimation.

car repair funding

Auto Repair Loans from $500 to $10 000 

The management teams of V2V Technologies and our finance partners have created this program due to the recent statistic that 68% of Canadian households have less than $400 in their cash account for disposable income for vehicle repairs or other non-planned expenses.  Car repair loans will allow shops to sell jobs that customers need but cannot afford.

GEM-MONEY - Your Leading Financing Partner

If you are looking for financing solutions (buy now, pay later) then GEM-MONEY is your leading choice with plans for 3 months or up to 10% interest for 2 years. Through its simple application process, customers can be approved in minutes and have instant access to financing options tailored to their budgets. Merchants who adopted POS financing have seen an average increase in order value of 75%.

GEM-CAR users will have the ability to promote in real-time on the estimate or quote the available financing options to their customers, including no payments for 90 days!

Click here  to learn how to setup your new GEM-MONEY option in GEM-CAR