V2V Technologies, the developer of GEM-CAR Shop Management Software is very pleased to announce that we are working with  ACDelco Corporate to sell and support the GEM-CAR Management Software product use by  ACDelco TSS and ACE members in Canada.
The GEM-CAR team is very excited about working with the ACDelco Distributors across Canada and to supporting the TSS Members”, says Mathieu Brunel, President of V2V Technologies and GEM-CAR. “To have such a top-quality network of service businesses approve GEM-CAR is a real vote of confidence for the package.”

The GEM-CAR Shop Management Software offers a bilingual, full featured management tool designed to get shops up and running quickly.

The majority of the daily functions can be accessed from the Point of Sale screen so there is no need to move from one function to another,” says Bob Worts, Director of Sales and Marketing for GEM-CAR.  “GEM-CAR is very excited about working with ACDelco as we introduce the GEM-CAR product to ACDelco TSS members across Canada.”

ACDelco Quotation

GEM-CAR offers an easy to use punch clock system, which allows the owner to charge the correct repair time on every invoice.  In addition, GEM-CAR provides a number of professionally designed inspection forms that allows the mechanics to inspect the vehicle properly and record the information so the customer can see what is required on their vehicle. One of the critical functions within GEM-CAR is the use of the “Reminder Letters”.

The Reminder letters are mailed out to the owner of the vehicle. After each mailing, there are follow-up calls made within a few days and on average, 83% of customers have returned to the shop for further work. This has generated up to $ 1,000 in additional labor revenue per month, per tech,” says M. Worts.