Industry leaders join forces to provide combined transmission distribution and advanced shop management solutions for the transmission world to enhance productivity and increase workflow efficiencies for a global revolution.

MONTREAL – October 1st, 2019 –

V2V Technologies, an international leader in shop management, and UNITRANS., the leading distributor in parts distribution for transmissions, today announced an exclusive, global partnership that combines UNITRANSleading distribution services with GEM-CAR’s best-in-class advanced technology to provide the first shop management software fully integrated with the online catalog. Under the agreement, GEM-CAR and UNITRANS, who jointly serve Canada's largest transmission repair facilities, will provide customers with access to a comprehensive easy to use tool to create what used to be a complex estimate, in seconds.

As a trusted shop management software to the world’s largest global parts distributor, we have a unique vantage point from which to identify and provide the most advanced solutions for our clients,” said Mathieu Brunel, CEO, GEM-CAR. “In UNITRANS, we chose a partner who not only provides best-in-class transmission parts, but also shares our deep commitment to ensuring mutual clients have access to the most powerful, efficient, and effective solutions to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment.”

The companies will also collaborate on future projects and events designed to help global transmission drive valuation, reduce volatility, deepen shop owner engagement, and streamline the complex workflows involved in creating state of the art quotations.

V2V Technologies Inc – GEM-CAR

Since 2001, GEM-CAR has become a North American leader in shop management software with thousands of shops in Canada and the USA. Our unique approach and software solution help our customers to save time, increase sales and streamline their operations. GEM-CAR is mainly used in an automotive shop, truck center, boat shop, bike repair shop, tire store, and transmission repair center.

GEM-CAR is an easy to master Auto Repair Shop Management System (SMS) and most complete solution. We are the first software company to offer, under one roof: SMS, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and digital inspection. When choosing to implement GEM-CAR software in the business, shop owners are actually crossing an important threshold in their commitment towards their customers, their staff and their business.

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More than 30 years of expertise in transmission parts sales. With several decades of experience, UNITRANS has become the reference point for transmission specialists, distributors and automobile repair shops. Our product portfolio includes more than 200,000 parts for light and medium-duty vehicles (domestic or imported), and high-performance and classic cars.

UNITRANS has built a strong relationship with many transmission repair shops, garages, distributors and world-wide automotive parts distributors. Each component that we sell meets the highest standards of quality. We only distribute products from the largest industry suppliers.
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