We are living in a world where integration in software is of paramount importance: so shop owners can save time, reduce errors and save money. GEM-CARD, the integrated credit card module, has been launched with this in mind. Our goal was to offer a turnkey solution including free credit card terminal, 10-25% discount on transaction costs, as well as complete integration with the point of sale. According to David Arechiga, our credit card specialist, the most important feature is the integration.

Having a fully integrated terminal can eliminate costly mistakes, headaches and can save shop owners time & money” Unlike other credit card processing companies, our customers can try and opt-out at any time without cancellation fees. “Shop owners are surprised when I tell them not to cancel their existing agreement until they try it out and see the benefits and savings” commented David Arechiga. “Every week garage owners get calls from credit card processors, and every trade show GEM-CAR attends, we are solicited: It’s a real jungle out there... Choosing a partner that would be there for our customers and would offer exceptional service was essential.

Following over a year of analysis with existing customers, we decided to invest the time and resources to make the integration with Hot Rod Processing, a multi-billion dollar transaction processor in North America.“, said Mathieu Brunel, president of GEM-CAR.

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