V2V Technologies officially celebrated its 20th anniversary in January 2021!

This is why the year 2021 will be marked with surprises and celebrations. To thank users for their loyalty, several special promotions will be offered throughout the year.

The 20th  Anniversary Book

It will be about creating a book documenting the first 20 years of the GEM-CAR software suite. We are proud to announce the publication of this book coming this summer. It will be like GEM-CAR: both technological and humorous, but above all human. It will focus on the testimonials of all the people who use our software on a daily basis. Send us your quotes & photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Example: "I started, I had 1 tech and a rep.... Now we are running a full 9 bay shop", John Smith from Garage ABC

And since you have been sharing your story with us for our 20-year celebration, members of the GEM-CAR family will be able to view and/or get a copy of this book for free. 

From the submitted content, we will include all entries for a special draw for one lucky winner: offer a trip to NEW YORK in an amazing hotel on time square. 

GEM-CAR  celebrating 20 years of passion-making memories. This book is for you: our team, our customers, and our partners. "I am honored to be surrounded by all of you... This is just the beginning. Thank's for the ride of the last 20 years. Our Journey is still to be written", Mathieu Brunel, CEO.