We are delighted that the Autotech team has shortlisted GEM-CAR as one of the 'Top 10 Canada Automotive Technology Solution Providers 2022' in their annual edition of  Canada Automotive Tech. In this context, we have been featured with a comprehensive profile of GEM-CAR in a special edition on transformation of the Automotive landscape.

For CEO Mathieu Brunel, it is an honor to be selected as a Top Canada Automotive Technology solution : it places GEM-CAR unquestionably as a leader in the Automotive industry. This recognition will assist our new clients to feel more comfortable doing business with us even before they review our value proposition. 

Being featured by a well-established magazine reinforces the GEM-CAR brand and leadership around the world with 46,000 users in 39 countries. In fact, Auto Tech Outlook is a leading enterprise technology magazine that reaches out to over 97,000 subscribers across the U.S. and 32,000 print copies of this issue to the subscribers in Canada.