We are living in a world where integration in software is of paramount importance: so shop owners can save time, reduce errors and save money. GEM-CARD, the integrated credit card module, now offers an integration with Global Payment Solution. Our goal was to offer a turnkey solution to thousands of our users.

Having a fully integrated terminal can eliminate costly mistakes, headaches and can save shop owners time & money", proudly announce Kevin King. Every week garage owners get calls from credit card processors: It’s a real jungle out there... Choosing a partner that would be there for our customers and would offer exceptional service was essential. Over 3.5 million businesses around the world, Global Payment is a partner of choice. 

Their local market expertise keeps their business on the cutting edge of technologies and local service. When consumers needed to prioritize their health and safety over everything else, their buying habits immediately shifted in response. Where in-person interactions previously were the predominant way to conduct business, it flipped virtually overnight to online. "The next release of GEM-CARD will be the focus on text payment and email payment, allowing our shop owner to work safely while collecting money," concludes Mathieu Brunel, CEO.

Businesses began to quickly turn their full attention to digital and no-contact commerce across all vertical sectors to help their customers continue to interact with them in a safe way.