Are you part of the GEM-CAR community?

We invite you, free of charge, to join us in a Webinar series with your trainer Kevin King, whom we dubbed GEMINAR.
Get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the crisis to raise your team’s skills.

This is an opportunity for you and your teams to consolidate your GEM-CAR knowledge.

Let us be in action, the crisis is not eternal. Let us take advantage of this period to become better.

A Bonus specifically for your comfort, you can always review your missed GEMINAR lessons.

They are recorded, you can listen to them in the comfort of your living room via GEM-UNIVERSITY!



Also, check out some popular FAQs :
  • How to work with GEM-CAR from home/remote  

NOTE: your instructor will send you, on the morning of your course, to the email used for your registration with how to login.

You will need: 

- Link to click to see the trainer’s screen ( yes it takes you Internet)
- Telephone or headset