GEM-CAR is an auto repair shop management software for automotive repair shops and tire centers. It provides easy access to AutoZone online catalog. With the AutoZone auto parts search and ordering catalog, mechanics can automatically transfer the chosen auto parts to their main Point of Sale window. 

autozone parts catalog integration
  • More than 750,000 products available
  • Over 70 distinct products' categories
  • 5,600 stores in the USA
  • MegaHubs in the metropolitan areas
  • Fast delivery options 

The AutoZone catalog saves advisors' time and helps them to identify vehicles by license tag or VIN number directly in the software. 

List of features available in the AutoZone advanced e-catalog: 

  • Search auto parts by description,
  • Easily look-up auto parts by vehicles' year, make, model, and engine,
  • Decode VIN number and directly display it on your phone,
  • Offer Industry-leading coverage including more than 900 brands,
  • Grow your business with AutoZone's shop referral program,
  • Check out prices, quantities, and monthly promotions,
  • Ability to place orders directly from your phone, 
  • Offer digital diagrams, inspection sheets, and seasonal car care service checklists,
  • Enter customer license plate numbers and retrieve details about specific vehicle conditions,
  • Scan VIN numbers from the vehicle windshield or door panel and view the fully decoded VIN.

Discover how easy it is to create an estimate by using the catalog. 

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