GEM-CAR is an auto repair shop management and billing software for repair shops and tire centers that provides full integration to Tiger Auto Parts' online catalog. Tiger Auto Parts is a Canadian company that imports and distributes aftermarket automotive collision parts in North America.

tiger auto parts catalog integration
  • 100% computerized online catalog
  • Strong dealer network
  • Simplify the distribution and use of OEM parts
  • Products that meet OEM specifications by CAPA
  • 3 distribution centers - Ontario, Montreal, and Cleveland
  • Delivery options - Canada & USA

Tiger Auto Parts is the second-largest distributor of automotive collision parts in North America. Their search and ordering catalog for parts provides access to many ISO9000 registered manufacturers.

List of the catalog available features:

  • Search the online catalog and order the collision parts you need,
  • Check out prices and promotions,
  • View the quantity and availability of the products online,
  • Use expanded search options,
  • Decode VIN and display it on your phone,
  • Validate Stock orders, Recurring orders,
  • Manual entry of auto part numbers,
  • Manually enter the vehicle year, make, model, and the engine for vehicles that do not have VIN’s,
  • Scan VIN from the vehicle windshield or door panel,
  • Minimize search times and clicks,
  • Intuitive interface,
  • Offer free training videos,
  • Get competitive prices and use discounts, 
  • Return & Refund Policy.

Discover how easy it is to create an estimate by using the e-catalog.

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