GEM-CAR is a Shop Management Software (SMS) that offers a full integration to TurboParts, a leading aftermarket eCommerce getaway, founded by DST (Distribution Service Technologies). TurboParts uses the Epicor (formerly Activant) e-catalog.

TurboParts catalog integration
  • Offer customization of the catalog
  • Customized pricing models
  • Advanced sales data analytics
  • Customize your online interface
  • Real-time inventory
TurboParts catalog integration free demo

TurboParts e-catalog gives access to external catalogs, vendor websites, promotional literature and pdf files. The catalog is open for business 24/7 and it offers customized pricing models and discounts. Customers can easily get information on lost sales data or order patterns.

Main benefits of using the TurboParts e-catalog:

  • Product description search feature,
  • Decode VIN and display it on your phone, 
  • Customization of the e-catalog,
  • Ability to place orders from your phone.
  • Add customer information or vehicle notes,
  • Information for auto parts' description, images,  and specifics, 
  • Manually enter VIN to get the correct body parts numbers,
  • Scan the VIN from the vehicle's windshield or door panel,
  • Enter customer license plate numbers to get details about vehicle conditions.

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