GEM-CAR is a shop management software (SMS) that provides integration with UCDA (The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario) vehicles' sale contracts. The UCDA is a nonprofit organization that offers a membership program for dealerships in Ontario. 


  • Approved vehicle sale contracts by UCDA
  • Easy access to license agreement
  • Dealer financing options
  • Search or Register Liens
  • Legal services
  • Group Health Plans

GEM-CAR provides easy access to the UCDA online services. The approved sale contracts are directly transferred in the GEM-CAR software.  If you have a dealership, their membership program can protect your business from frauds and make it more efficient and profitable. 

UCDA  sale contract integration

Some of the main benefits of the UCDA membership: 

  • Use approved vehicles' sale contracts by the association,
  • Add seller/ purchaser information on the bill of sale,
  • Easily add vehicle's make, model, year, color, VIN, license and etc.
  • Regular discounts and annual rebates on NAPA auto products for members,
  • For UCDA members -  2 months free trial of NAPAfix,
  • Basic Sales training program,
  • In-class OMVIC (Ontario's Vehicle Sales Regulator) Certification Course,
  • Exclusive partner program with Telus,
  • Allow you to find financing for your dealership,
  • Trillium FSB - appropriate for UCDA members that do not meet certain bank criterias 

Discover how easy it is to create and print a vehicle's sale contract by using the GEM-CAR software.

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