GEM-CAR is a repair shop management and billing software for automotive repair shops and tire centers that provides an easy link to UNIPARTS O.E.M.back order parts search and ordering catalog.

  • One stop online store
  • Strong dealer network
  • More than 175 dealerships throughout Quebec
  • Over 120 dealer partners in Ontario
  • Represents all major brands of OE dealers across Canada
  • Facilitate the distribution and use of OEM parts
  • Official supplier of ProgiParts system

List of features available in the UNIPARTS O.E.M. catalog:

  • Use Part Description Search Option,
  • Decode VIN and display it,
  • Look-up the catalog for the parts you need,
  • View prices, quantity, and availability of the products online,
  • Add customer information and vehicle notes,
  • Scan VIN’s from the vehicle windshield or door panel,
  • Ability to place your orders directly from your phone,
  • Reducing a shopping cycle period,
  • Negotiate the total price,
  • Use discounts,
  • Get competitive prices,
  • A great return policy,
  • Limited lifetime warranty,
  • Easy to communicate, using email or phone.

Uniparts catalog integration

GEM-CAR provides easy access to UNIPART catalog. The technicians can easily set up their account, 
search the catalog for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts they need, negotiate the prices, and  even use discounts. 

Discover how easy it is to create an estimate by using the online catalog.

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