Vanfax is one of Canada's largest distributors of auto glass. As its name so aptly indicates, Vanfax delivers across Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax. Vanfax has 400 employees to serve you, from over 33 distribution centers across the country.

  • Transfers part, code, description and cost
  • Selling can be also downloaded or push to a matrix, 
  • Quantity validation is available to check stock,
  • VIN decoder,
  • Push order from GEM-CAR to the PROLink.

Perfect software to manage your insurance glass claim and : 

- Deductible, 

- Claim request,

- Bill to the insurance,

- Delivered to your customer,

- Graphic art on the invoice,

- Windshield kit repair,

- Payment approval by customer,

- Manage deductible.

For technical problems, please call 1-888-808-8090.

To facilitate communications they now offer a new online shopping service, which, in addition to providing a catalog of products in stock, supplies privileged information to registered users. It is a fast and simple means of contacting us, finding out what products are available and making purchases in a secure manner, night and day, without ever leaving the office. No matter where you are, you are now just a "click" away from Vanfax, its experienced staff, and its merchandise.

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