Resume: The shop allows GEM-CAR to sent the history to CARFAX. The shop can stop the agreement at any time.

This is the copy of the license that you agree when activating your CARFAX agreement.

  • By joining the CARFAX Service Network ("Service Network"), the facility ("Facility" or "us" or "we" or "our") agrees that the terms herein are a legally binding agreement between Facility and Carfax, Inc. ("CARFAX"). Facility authorizes the release of all information from the service records of Facility (including, but not limited to, VIN or license plate with state, date, mileage, service and repair order information) to CARFAX directly or through Facility's SMS provider for perpetual use in CARFAX's products or services. In addition, Facility authorizes CARFAX or its designee to (i) populate our records from time to time with VINs and VIN-derived vehicle information and (ii) provide Facility with access to additional products or services that may be offered by CARFAX from time to time (all such VINs and VIN-derived information, products or services provided by CARFAX is collectively referred to as the "Vehicle Information"). As a member of the Service Network, we will receive, at no cost, the Service Network benefits that CARFAX offers to members from time to time, which currently include online advertising after CARFAX receives the necessary information from Facility (which advertising may be delayed or withheld for archived records or records provided without a valid VIN).


  • Should we receive and/or use any Vehicle Information, Facility agrees (i) to comply with all then-current CARFAX terms and conditions applicable to such Vehicle Information and (ii) not to provide or make available any of the Vehicle Information and/or any of our records as enhanced by the Vehicle Information to any other provider of vehicle history products or services. We understand that if we do not comply with the foregoing commitments, CARFAX will no longer be obligated to provide us with the Vehicle Information, free advertising or any other benefits of the Service Network.


  • We understand that CARFAX will not display personal information about Facility's customers, but will use vehicle-specific information provided by Facility. We acknowledge that (i) Facility's name, address, telephone number and website address (if applicable) shall be published on CARFAX products and services in connection with the information provided by Facility so long as we continue to remain a member of the Service Network.


  • The Service Network is subject to change or termination at any time in CARFAX's sole discretion.


  • Should Facility stop being a member of the Service Network for any reason, CARFAX may continue to use our records that were previously provided to CARFAX pursuant to this authorization without any further benefits of the Service Network to Facility.


  • We understand that CARFAX collects data from public records and other third-party sources to provide the Vehicle Information, and that the Vehicle Information may contain errors and omissions. CARFAX does not guarantee the correctness of the Vehicle Information, and CARFAX shall have no liability for any loss or damage (including, without limitation, any indirect or consequential damages) (i) caused by errors or omissions in Vehicle Information, (ii) resulting from errors in transmitting the Vehicle Information or interruptions and/or errors in the functioning of the services that transmit the Vehicle Information, or (iii) resulting from any use of the Vehicle Information.


  • Facility may be asked to confirm the accuracy of the provided Vehicle Information and agrees to ensure that our employees and contractors complete the confirmation process before accepting the Vehicle Information. By enrolling Facility in the Service Network, I certify that I am authorized to enter into this Service Network agreement on behalf of Facility.