In a perfect world, we would sell all shop supply applying their real cost of each item. But what is you are using the Shop Supply % function? 

If you use the %  shop supply:
  • Calculate the increase or the decrease of you inventory shop supply value
  • Shop Inventory value from 2 years ago - last year  inventory
                     Ex 13000 (in 2017) – 7000 (in 2018)  = 5000 (increase your shop supply cost by $5000)
  • If it's smaller then 0, then you have stock some shop supply, so you cost has drop... 
  • Ex Grease : from 1 to 2 unit

- Regroup all of your shop supply purchase from last year : using GL report or categories report

- Remove the inventory adjustment  (if you follow it)

Ex Purchase of $17 000 with reduction of inventory value of $5000 : the cost would be $22 000.

- Pull out the sales report on the product « SS » configured in your general information in the second tab.  

  •     Tip : used a unique category for  « SS »

-  Margin on your shop supply = profit / selling  = (selling– cost - inventory adjustment) / Selling 

-  Go in the general information in the second tab,
-  Adjust your margin % et save.

Your sales report will now show a good value