Add / Setup NAPA Prolink SE

In the main menu,

  • Go to Configuration > General Information,
  • Go to the section/tab called "Internet Ressources",
  • Select Napa Prolink SE in the list,
    • Otherwise create it by clicking on the "+" sign,
    • Enter a Company Name (e.g.: Napa Prolink SE),
    • In Category, enter 200 (PARTS),
  • In the Address field, enter,
  • Make sure to have Napa Prolink SE as a Template,
  • IMPORTANT! In the User field, enter your NAPA Prolink SE - ID (or account number) followed by the "\" symbol, followed by your email address
  • (e.g.: 21hjh-213jkj-as\This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  • Enter your NAPA Prolink SE - Password,
  • Click on the diskette to save,
  • Click the door icon to quit.


The use of NAPA Prolink SE

In the main menu,

  • Go to Point of Sale,
  • Open/Create an estimate or work order,
  • Right-click on the button "F7 Parts" (Parts suppliers online),
  • Click on NAPA Prolink SE,


  • Click the "Search" button,


  • Click "DECODE VIN", then " SEARCH BY VEHICLE",


  • Add your quantities (Under the column "Qty to add"),
  • Click the "TRANSFER" button to add them to your order list located at the bottom of the window,
  • Click the dollar sign "$" to transfer to GEM-CAR,


In the "Napa Prolink SE" transfer window, 

  • Verify your order and transfer it,
    • To transfer the parts to the Point of Sale, click on the green triangle,
    • To transfer the parts to a purchase order, click on the sheet icon.


    • NOTE: A NAPA stock check is done during the transfer and a message will warn you in case of no availability.
    • *** For the purpose of this example, we clicked Yes just to show you the next step ***


  • Complete and finalize your purchase order.