In the punch clock, when the Technician hit standby, the time keeps running even though the color changed to red..

Fact about the punch clock:

GEM-CAR was the first SMS to introduce the principle to punch “In” o a job to automatically stop the job before.  No more “Time ticket” with a start and a stop with lost time in between job.

Procedure to put a job on “Standby”

  • Click on the button standby: it will change the color only,
  • Add a memo in the “Internal note” to explain why it’s on standby,
  • To stop that job, the technician has to punch  in on a new one by clicking on,
    • an internal job,  if the shop is empty, How to add an Internal Job: FAQ …
    • a new Job.

Common mistake:

If the technician selects “Stop”, it stops the clock?, after asking if the job is done. When they will punch on a new job the gap will not be added to the paid time. 

  • Clicking on “STOP” = Stop being paid.
  • Employees should only used it at  lunch and at night.