To pull out the Sales report, from the main menu, go to "Reports > Sales":

  • From the available reports on the left, select "Sales report",
  • Enter or pick a time frame {fa-calendar },
  • Choose one the modes:
    • {fa-dot-circle-o} Summary (default),
    • {fa-circle-o} Detailed,
      • {fa-info-circle} get more details about the detailed mode below
  • Enter a door rate,
  • Optional:
    • {fa-square-o } With diagrams, to display graphics {fa-bar-chart },
    • {fa-square-o } Only invoices with an amount different than 0,
    • {fa-caret-square-o-down } Select an advisor,
    • {fa-search} Select a customer,
    • {fa-search} Select a discount group,
  • Click the printer {fa-print} to display the report.

Using the "Detailed" mode

  • Double-click the date or the invoice number a line for more details,
  • To go back to the report, click the red "X" on the left of the window,

Number of visit per customer: 3-4 (Goal)

Number of visit per vehicle (are you missing out some car ?)

Sales per customer: over $1000 based on 3-4 visits X $250 to $300 per invoice

Profit per customer
  • Make sure you have a cost assigned to technician ... Bay Management ( Salary + 23-25% )
  • Make sure you enter cost in your product

Number of new customers:
  • Found out how many customers you have lost this year.... ({fa-eye } FAQ) 

Number of hours sold per invoice (Calculated)
  • Adding all sold quantity X duration base ( required time field from the product code list )
  • Dividing by the number of invoice

Number of hour sold per invoice (Cal) – based on Door rate Most common
  • Adding Labor Sold from all invoices
  • Dividing by the number of invoices
  • Dividing by Door rate (Billing rate)

OUT Effective billing rate:
  • Number of hours sold per invoice (Calculated ) / Number of hours sold per invoice ( Billed )

Number of working days:
  • Count of the unique dates where there was some billing
87 invoices over one month with 27 different dates, will have 27 days (yes the shop was open on weekend)

Average invoice per day:
  • The goal is to have 3 work orders per technician per day