Here is the procedure to put your GEM-CAR in a white list,

Example using AVG

so AVG antivirus will not remove GEM-CAR from your computer.

  • Go to  “Options”  menu,
  • Select “Advance Settings”,

  Exceptions Management 

  • Click “Add exception for a file”

Select Exception type : “File”

  • Select File
  • For Access version (GEM-CAR 6.2 and less),
  • Click on Browse : “C:\vdata\exe” and hit “PVGarage.exe”,
  • Click OK,
  • Repeat for file name in “C:\vdata\exe”  for SQL  : “GC.exe”, “GEMCAR.EXE” ,

   Add exception for a folder

  • Select Folder,
  • Click on “Browse” and select : “C:\vdata”,
  • Click “OK”.