Step 1: Creating a deductible kit

  • Create a kit with the following products:
    • FR2: BUSINESS DEDUCTIBLE (non-taxable product and “deductible” category)
    • TAX: TAX (non-taxable)

Step 2: Client estimate for insurer

  • Make a detailed estimate for your client (windshield, moulding, etc.).
  • Take note of the tax amounts by clicking on the button: “See tax details” at the bottom right.

Step 3: Add the kit “KFE”

  • Put the amounts at 0 for the TAXES with right amount.
  • Adjust the amounts of the DEDUCTIBLE products.
  • Remove the taxes from the invoice by selecting a taxable item from the estimate and clicking on the tax icon (at the bottom right). Then double-click on “EXT”.
    • Apply the change to the whole estimate by answering “YES” to the question.
  • Bill the insurer by adding its name in the client file as “Bill to”.
  • Save the invoice/estimate number to search for the transaction and validate what was done.

Step 4: Client deductible invoice

Option 1 – Manual

  • Make an estimate for the client.
  • Add the “KFE” kit.
  • Adjust the values of the DEDUCTIBLE and TAXES products in step 2.
  • Add a note with the invoice number.

Option 2 – Automatic (eliminate typing errors)

  • Make an estimate for the client.
  • Click on the magnifying glass to search the estimates (at the top right).
  • In the “invoice” step, search for the insurer’s invoice (e.g.: with the invoice number)
  • Click on the icon with the paper and pencil.
  • Select the items to be transferred.
  • Click on the green button to copy them to your initial estimate.
  • Change the negative quantities to positive quantities.
  • Bill them.