Go to "Inventory Management" / "Management of kits"

Step 1 – Create a package or kit product code;
  • On the upper half of the Management of Groups window, click the green Add icon,
  • Create a quick code, such as F5, for example and enter a name or description of the package,
  • In this example, we’ve created a package or kit called LUG NUT KIT,
  • Repeat the above three steps for each package or kit you want to create.
Step 2 – Adding items and pricing to the packages or kits;
  • Select a specific package or kit from the list on the top half of the window,
  • In this example, we selected LUG NUT KIT,
  • The package or kit name will appear on the blue line in the lower part of the window,
  • Click on the green Add icon,
  • Enter the product/item and quantity you want this kit to include,
  • Click the Save icon,
  • Repeat the last three steps for each additional item to be included in this package,
  • Notice the package price (top of the window) increases as you add items to the package.

From now on, in this example, every time we enter F5 on an estimate or invoice, the main description will read LUG NUT KIT and all the components of this kit will be added automatically.